5 Things to Look for in a Car Detailing

There are many different things to look for when choosing a car detailer. To get the highest quality service that leaves you feeling great and your car looking magnificent, a conscientious consumer will want to consider not only price and location, but also the level of service provided.

1. Quality Products: Why Quality Products Matter

The quality of products makes a huge difference in exterior car detailing. To get a high end clean, both inside and outside your vehicle, it’s important to use the best washing and drying products and technology. The automatic car wash at Tony’s Express Wash & Lube uses the best available materials. Fresh water and soft cloth make for an exceptional automatic car wash. We use high quality waxes and cleaners such as Meguier’s car care products, along with treatments for your car interior.

2. Price: Competitive Car Detailing Prices

Car detailing prices are another way consumers choose where to bring their business. We offer several

detailing packages, including one for every price point and detail need.

3. Level of Service: Great Service For Your Vehicle

When looking for an exceptional car detailer, the level of service is another important thing to consider. It’s not uncommon to hear of customers who find some parts of their vehicle, such as the center console, filled with grime and dust even after spending top dollar for an interior car detailing.

Does your detailer pay close attention to every part of your vehicle? At Tony’s Express Wash & Lube, we work hard to make our customers happy.

Our full service wash, The Works, focuses on both the inside and outside of your vehicle. From a poly wax to protect your car’s topcoat, to a vinyl treatment that coats your car’s door panels, dash, center console, and steering wheel. We even make sure the vehicle’s mirrors and doorjambs are squeaky clean.

4. Location: Quality Service in the Fort Worth Area

You’ve heard the phrase a million times: “location, location, location.” A convenient location is another common way that consumers choose their car detailer. Tony’s Express Wash & Lube has three conveniently placed locations in the Fort Worth area: two in Haltom City and one in Watauga.

5. Trust: Find A Company You Can Trust

When you can trust a company, you have total peace of mind when handing over your vehicle for a car detailing. It’s so important to have that trust, and at Tony’s Express Wash & Lube our motto is: “Customer Care is Number One!”

If you are in the Fort Worth area and are looking for a car detailer that offers exceptional service, stop by the nearest Tony’s Express Wash & Lube.