How to Find A Trustworthy Auto Repair Shop

For car owners, there are few things more nerve-wracking than finding a repair shop they can trust. With horror stories about sabotaged cars, inflated prices and lies about repair work are rampant enough to make any car owner concerned. When you’re ready for an oil change in Watauga, we want you to feel safe and assured that your car will be given the utmost care by bringing it to Tony’s Car Wash N Lube, a sister to the best car repair in Watauga, TX. But what are the best ways to find a repair shop you know will treat your car with care and respect you as a customer?

Today, your favorite lube shop in Haltom City  will be sharing some great guidelines to help you in finding a repair shop that best suits your needs.

The best place to start is looking for places that specialize in your make of car. While those won’t be your only options, those shops will be the ones that have the most up to date training and equipment for attending to the needs of your car.

One of the best reference for car repair in Watauga, TX  is asking your friends, family and neighbors for recommendations on repair shops in the area. Personal experiences from trustworthy sources can give you a sense of confidence in the information your receiving. Sometimes, it can be hard for people to trust online opinions on forums and review websites, but the people close to you will know your needs and expectations and be able to give you suggestions more specific to your needs.

It’s best not to completely knock the value of online reviews for car repair in Watauga, TX, as sights like Angie’s List and Yelp can give you a variety of reviews from different experiences and people. While they are not necessarily as reliable as word of mouth from familiars can be, they can give you a broader idea of how different repair shops deal with different situations. It’s important to remember to read a fair number of reviews to get a proper picture of the shop.

Another great source of information on car repair in Watauga, TX is the chamber of commerce. Visiting local business organizations and asking about the service and customer response for repair shops in the area can give you access to more accurate insight with a lower chance of bias. If complaints have been made about a business to the local chamber or Better Business Bureau, you can find out their validity as a claim.

It’s important, too, to do the leg work before you have a situation where car repair is urgent! And it can help to give local shops with a good reputation a try with a smaller job to test the waters. It’s a little bit of time and effort, but soon, you’ll find a place for car repair and an oil change in Watauga that you’ll go back to every time.

Tony’s Car Club businesses pride themselves in being a local leader in reliable, expert service in both car repair and car detailing in Watauga and Haltom City. Let us prove to you that we can be your number one choice for car care when you need it.