Brake Repair: Brake Service & Free Brake Check

The brakes in your vehicle work hard and their job is critical to your safety.  That’s why it is so important to make sure they are properly maintained.

Tony’s Automotive Repair technicians are trained to inspect and service your vehicle’s brake system. They can diagnose any problems and repair the problem found with the brake system. Brake service could include replacing brake pads and brake cylinders, servicing rotors ,or brake repair of your Anti-Lock system.

Signs that you may need brake repair service include:

  • Grinding  or squealing sounds when the brake is applied
  • Sponginess  in the pedal when depressed
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when braking

If you are unsure about the reliability of your braking system, Tony’s also offers free brake checks. Let the experts at Tony’s take care or your vehicle’s brake repairs. Come in see us for brake service today!