Differential Service — Starting $69.99

The differential is a gearbox located between the drive wheels on your vehicle. Most four-wheel drive vehicles have both a front and rear differential which work with your transmission to deliver power from your engine to the axle that turns your wheels.
Lubricating fluid inside the differential transfers heat away from the gears, helping to preserve the life and performance of your differential.  Over time though, operating temperatures and wear can cause the fluid to break down.  When the fluid breaks down, becomes contaminated or leaks occur, the gears inside may not work smoothly because of increased friction and hear.  If the gears start to grind, continued driving can cause costly repairs. 
Our technicians will inspect and diagnose any problems with your differential system. They can then change the fluids, if necessary.  Most vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations are to change the fluid in your differential every 50,000 miles.