Front End Alignment & Repairs

As most vehicles today have increasingly precise steering systems, the parts of that system get increasingly critical.  Tony’s Express Wash & Lube will get your front end aligned and repaired so you can have a smooth ride. Front ends include ball joints; tie rod ends, pitman arms, idler arms, center links, control arms, sway bars and links, bushings, and much more.

Some indications that you may need to have your front end alignment inspected include:

  • Worn tread on the insides or outsides only of your tires.  It is possible that either a toe setting, or camber setting may be responsible for the uneven wear.
  • Tires appear to “wobble” or have excessive play.  This could indicate the tie rod ends could be loose/worn out.  It could also signal a simple, loose/worn wheel bearing, a ball-joint issue, or control arm bushing wear.
  • Looseness or excessive play in each suspension component.  Any joint/pivot point that has play or a clicking sound needs to be fully inspected and probably replaced.

Tony’s Automotive Repair will do a proper inspection of all your car front end components.  Let us help you get the smoothest, safest ride possible!