Suspension Repair: Shocks and Struts

One of the most critical components that control your vehicle’s steering, stability, and stopping are the shocks and struts.  Excessive wear can cause a loss in ability to control the lean or sway and the tire grip or adhesion when driving over bumps.

The rate of weight transfer from one side to another in a turn is directly affected by the shock absorber’s firmness or control.  Excessive weight transfers from bad struts and shocks could possible cause abrupt slipping or sliding.  Thus, this loss in stability and control may compromise your vehicle’s safety.

Some indications that a shock or strut is not working properly:

  • After hitting a bump, your vehicle will continue to “rock”
  • The ride in your vehicle will feel bouncy
  • Upon braking, your vehicle will nose dive
  • Leaking fluid
  • Tire wear is unusual

These changes in your shocks and struts may be gradual and difficult to notice.  Let the trained mechanics at Tony’s Automotive Repair inspect your vehicle’s shocks and struts to get your car or truck suspension back in top shape?