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Transmission Repair Watauga TX

The transmission plays a huge part in keeping your car on the road. This is the reason why car owners should take special care in maintaining a vehicle’s transmission. Tony’s is a family owned and operated business and a high quality transmission repair shop.

What Does The Transmission Do?

The transmission in a vehicle transfers power made by the engine to the drive wheels. When your car shifts gears as you increase or decrease speed, the transmission is the force behind the shifts. The transmission has some of the most complex components in your vehicle and it is essential to keeping your car moving! Transmission fluid is an important element of the system.

Common Transmission Maintenance

The transmission fluid helps cool the system and keeps energy moving, but it can break down with use and become contaminated with metal debris over time. Transmission fluid needs to be changed when recommended by the auto maker. This maintenance is best left to a professional, such as the mechanics at Tony’s. The fluid does not get used up over its lifetime, so if you find you are low on transmission fluid you have a leak in your system.

Visit Tony’s For Auto Transmission Repair

When the transmission begins to wear down, it is common to hear unpleasant noises. It’s best to get a diagnosis as soon as any abnormal car sounds occur.  Any of our experienced mechanics can address all your auto transmission repair needs at one of our Tony’s location. Visit one of our convenient locations ( today!