Car Tune Up Watauga TX

A car tune-up will ensure that your car is running at it’s best. Tony’s Express Wash & Lube now performs tune-ups and car repair in addition to oil changes and car washes. Have you noticed any of the following when starting or driving your vehicle?

  • Your gas mileage has decreased
  • Engine stalls or seems to run “rough”
  • Engine “knocks” upon acceleration or continues to run after ignition is turned off
  • “Check engine” light stays on after start up

It may be time to bring your vehicle to Tony’s Automotive Repair for a “tune-up!”

Corroded spark plugs, dirty air and fuel filters, and clogged fuel injectors all contribute to poor engine performance and decreased gas mileage.  Let our expert technicians help you to get the best from your car and keep it in tip top shape!